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Where to find MorfologikTagger


I’m working with some friends on a french spelling serious game, and we need to get the part-of-speech of a given word.
After some research, we found MorfologikTagger on the LanguageTool API. According to the API, MorfologikTagger is in org.languagetool.tagging but in the jar of the version 3.1, downloaded on the website, there is only and org.languagetool.gui.
Could someone help us finding MorfologikTagger please ? I know we could get it from sources, but I think it will be faster if we use the jar.

Thanks !


It’s in libs/languagetool-core.jar. But as it depends on other JARs, I recommend getting it via a build tool like Maven or Gradle:


Thanks a lot, ok I will try that !