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Why ignore CamelCase in English?

This has probably been discussed before, but I cannot find it anymore: Why do we ignore CamelCase words in English? E.g. “AnotherTest” in “This is AnotherTest” is not found as an error. Is there a good reason for that? It seems to cause some surprises from time to time…

There are two cases where it’s use could be valid that I can think of:
A. to denote speedy speech.
EG: “I’mSorryButIDon’tHaveTimeToChatSorry!”, at that her brother went back to his delivery run.

B. to differentiate between concepts and descriptive variables in math/programming.
EG: “RotationsPerMinute = MeasuredRotations / MeasuredTime. Joseph, what time-base did you use for MeasuredTime?” To which, after checking a doohickey he had, Joseph responded: “Quarter minutes, Sorry.”

I’ve just activated spell checking for CamelCase words for English - should be online tomorrow night.