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Why is Maven module "languagetool-standalone" not published to public Maven repository?

Hi there,

first of all, thank you very much for the great work. We really appreciate it.

We are building a small application based on languagetool. To implement a functionality we would like to make use of the classes “” and “” which are both part of the Maven module “languagetool-standalone”. Unfortunately this module seems not to be published in any Maven repository, forcing us to manage it in our own one. So the question is: are there any plans to publish “languagetool-standalone” to Maven in the near future?

Best regards

Sorry, there are no such plans, as languagetool-standalone is mostly GUI-related. The classes you mentioned are supposed to be command-line tools, and DictionaryExporter is actually just a few lines of code.

Ok, thank you very much for the info.