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WikiCheck - edit functionality

Hi, I’d like to have an edit-button in WikiCheck – with that, you can edit the problem found by LanguageTool (if it is not an false positive).
Ideally it should correct the bug and save the article by just one click. But if you have to save your self, it would also be no problem. Even an simple Link to the Edit-Page – doing no changes by the tool – would save quite some time.
The last solution would be adding an link to “”, the first would have to use the api of Mediawiki.
Are there any plans to do something like this?

Thanks for the idea, I added a direct link. We cannot jump to the affected paragraph though, so you only save one click. Using the API sounds like quite some work but would be a nice project for someone who’s looking for a small project.

The code for the site is available here in subversion, BTW:
It requires Grails and a local database like MySQL. Grails is easy if you know Groovy or Java.

We do something like this now: if you go to to check a page, you can now make the changes and submit them to Wikipedia.