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Wikipedia: WP:MEDMOS

(TryHardDieHard) #1
<rule id="ID" name="Replace allopathy with "conventional medicine"">    
 <message><match no="1"/> Replace allopathy with "conventional medicine" per WP:MEDMOS</message>
 <short>Replace allopathy with "conventional medicine" per WP:MEDMOS</short>
 <example correction=''><marker>Allopathy</marker> recommends drinking a sufficient amount of water.</example>
 <example>Conventional medicine recommends drinking a sufficient amount of water.</example>

(TryHardDieHard) #2
<rule id="ID" name="Replace "psychologically addictive" with "causes tolerance"">    
 <message><match no="1"/> Replace "psychologically addictive" with "causes tolerance" per WP:MEDMOS</message>
 <short>Replace "psychologically addictive" with "causes tolerance"</short>
 <example correction=''>The drug is <marker>psychologically addictive</marker>.</example>
 <example>The drug does not cause tolerance.</example>

(TryHardDieHard) #3
<rule id="ID" name="Replace "drug abuse" with "recreational use".">    
 <message>The term drug abuse is vague and carries negative connotations. In a medical context, it generally refers to recreational use that carries serious risk of physical harm or addiction. However, others use it to refer to any illegal drug use. The best accepted term for non-medical use is <suggestion>recreational use</suggestion>.</message>
 <short>Replace "drug abuse" with "recreational use".</short>
 <example correction=''><marker>Drug abuse</marker> carries risk.</example>
 <example>Recreational use carries risk.</example>

(TryHardDieHard) #4
<rule id="ID" name="Replace "doctor" with a less ambiguous term.">    
 <message>Avoid using the potentially ambiguous term "doctor" to refer specifically to <suggestion>physician</suggestion> or <suggestion>surgeon</suggestion>s. Avoid using doctor or physician in ways that incorrectly exclude other licensed healthcare professionals, such as <suggestion>nurse</suggestion>s, <suggestion>physician assistant</suggestion>s, and <suggestion>midwives</suggestion>.</message>
 <short>Replace "doctor" with a less ambiguous term.</short>
 <example correction=''>The <marker>doctor</marker> operated with a forcep.</example>
 <example>THe surgeon operated with a forcep.</example>

(TryHardDieHard) #5

I used double quotations instead of single quotations in the first two entries. Please fix and add.

(Daniel Naber) #6

Thanks for the rules. I guess these are only relevant for medicine-related articles, could you rephrase the message to make that more clear?

(TryHardDieHard) #7

Sure, I’ll try to do that later today.