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"wissen lassen" incorrectly underlined

@emperor, thanks a bunch for reporting those false alarms. Much appreciated!

You are very welcome, I really appreciate that my reports are being valued and used to improve LT!

Today, I let LT check some old mails and (while they cannot be corrected anymore ) I found a couple of false alarms. I’ll list them again with a simple example in which the error occurs.

  1. Es ist nicht schlimm, wenn <> von dem Apfel die Birne essen möchtest.
    LT believes “anstelle” comes from the verb “anstellen” although the adverb being used is “anstelle von”
  2. Es ist nachvollziehbar, dass du <<enttäuscht>> bist.
    In this case, LT believes that I incorrectly conjugated a verb (enttäuschen) again, although this time it’s an adjective (enttäuscht) wrongly classified as a verb.
  3. Falls dem so ist, können wir uns treffen und über <> reden.
    “Genaueres” is “substantiviert” but LT thinks it’s used as an adjective and therefore shouldn’t be capitalized.
  4. Erklärt mir kurz, weshalb ihr das <> wollt.
    In this case, LT believes “wissen” is “substantiviert” although it’s being used as a verb.

And one more thing about the English spellchecker: While I can fully understand that LT does not recognize technical terms such as “centroid”, technical terms that have become common in colloquial language should be included. For example “screenshot” is now included in several dictionaries.

So I believe you should consider adding it.

That’s it. Thanks again!

Okay, I got one more:
The “Genitiv” case of “Limit” (in German!)–“Limits”–and the Plural “Limite” are incorrectly marked as wrong on
See also

Thanks, these should be fixed now (will be live on tonight).

One month has passed again and I’m here to report again.

  1. LT does not know the noun “Bedacht” and thinks it is incorrectly capitalized.
    Er handelte mit <>
  2. LT incorrectly sometimes incorrectly believes that “dass” should be “das”
    Das Risiko, <> der Zug entfällt, ist gegeben.
  3. If “zu etwas führen” and “zu viel” cause two “zu” next to each other, LT complains about a word repetition.
    Falls dies <> viel Arbeit führt, …
  4. The Genus of “Schneeflocke” appears to be incorrect in LT.
  5. LT does not recognize some plurals of some words it supports in English.
    Examples: indices (plural of index) and formulae (plural of formula)

Thanks again – and a happy new year!

Thanks, I’ve fixed 1) and 4). Could you report future issues at That would make it easier for me to track all issues.