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WORD - Local rules db

I used the LT addin for Word some time back, but I misplaced it. It had a an option for a locally stored rules database.

I think the option is still there, I just need to down download it, put it somewhere and paste the path into the LT Server address.

Problem is, from where to download it?


There’s a Word add-in for premium users at (need to be logged in) and an old version at

Ouch - $80 a year is more than I pay for Office 365!

I can’t even get through a 10 page document with the free version of LT because it keeps losing contact with the server - even if I close everything that uses the network. That why I was after the downloadable rules.

Never mind, just as beggars can’t be choosers, paupers have to put up with being losers.

Tks PD