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A false tag about "run"

Hi Daniel,
Today I found a error about POS tag like below:
The hotel is run by his uncle.


The “disambiguator log” shows which rule this causes, maybe you can use this information to fix it?

<rule id="VBP_NN_VBZ_NN" name="have palm trees - palm is a noun">    
                <token regexp="yes" postag="VB[ZPG]?" postag_regexp="yes" inflected="yes">be|have</token>
                        <token postag="NN.*" postag_regexp="yes"><exception postag="JJ.*" postag_regexp="yes"></exception></token>
                        <token postag="VB[ZP]?" postag_regexp="yes"/>
                    <token postag="NN.*" postag_regexp="yes"><exception>by</exception></token>
            <disambig><match no="2" postag="NN.*" postag_regexp="yes"></match></disambig>