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a few basic questions about source file compile.

First, I really appreciate your answers about my earlier elementary questions.
Because i’m junior developer, these questions will be also basic.

I wanna modify server sources and rename folders like (org/languagetool to myproject/myproject).
(As far as I know, It’s possible under LGPL)
But when I build a file from source(above first picture ) in IDE (Eclipse or IntelliJ)
It’s impossible to make jar files like second picture.
Can you recommend the best way to do this?

  • additional question
    When I debug source files(sources from above first picture ), it use library from C:\Users\MyAccount.m2.
    But there are also libs folder and folder like above second picture,
    I don’t the reason. But it seems necessary.
    Maybe when I execute languagetool-server.jar in command line, do languagetool-server.jar file use that?