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A minor rule addition

    <!-- English rule, 2016-03-04 -->
<rule id="PAST_TENSE_INSTEAD_OF_PRESENT_TENSE_USED" name="Past tense instead of Present tense used.">
  <token postag='VBD|VBN' postag_regexp='yes'></token>
  <token postag='IN'></token>
  <token postag='NN' postag_regexp='yes'><exception postag='VBP|JJ|PRP' postag_regexp='yes'></exception></token>
 <message>Use present tense instead of past tense.</message>
 <short>Grammatical problem</short>
 <example>I am going to restaurant.</example>
 <example correction=''>I am gone to restaurant.</example>

Thanks, but could you re-post your rule as pre-formatted XML? You can use the </> icon for that.

Done. The rule needs some polishing though.

Thanks. I think it should be “to a restaurant”, would be great if you could adapt the rule.