A problem with "yo" letter in Russian

In the Russian language, LanguageTool marks words with the “ye” character instead of “yo” (which is normal for Russian text; the “yo” letter is used nowhere except for books for little kids) as incorrect. How to force it to recognize such words as correct ones?

I need to say that, as a student of Russian, this not-use of “ё” is quite confusing to me lol

Is not quite so. But there are many books that do not have consistent use of the letter “yo”.
Using the letter “yo” is always required to in the following cases:

  1. Educational literature and books for children,
  2. Names, surnames (Necessarily to use in all cases, because it leads to legal collision),
    3. Rare words,
  3. Сomplicated cases,
  4. To specify accent (“yo” letter is always have accent)
  5. To ensure proper identification of the words (“всё” and “все” are different words).

I made an experimental dictionary for texts without consistent use of letter “yo”: http://myooo.ru/usercontent/extentions/dict-ieyo-LT2.7.tar.gz

The files from this archive should be placed to the directories /org/languagetool/resource/ru and /org/languagetool/resource/ru/hunspell of LanguageTool-2.7 or higher.

Thank you, Yakov. Your dictionaries seem to work. I will inform you, if I find any flaw.

(Sorry for delay, I had no notification about your answer, and believed there was no reaction to my message.)

@Yakov, right now LT seems to accept words with both e and ё as valid. Is it possible to create a dictionary with only one variant? The exact command to do it would be the perfect solution. Personally I’m interested in ё flavor. Thank you.

Yes, I plan to make both dictionary available in LT.