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À propos de l'ajout de mots dans le dictionnaire - About the word adding in the dictionary

(PhilippeW) #1


Je me demandais, lorsqu’on utilise le dictionnaire en ligne et qu’on ajoute un mot au dictionnaire, est-ce que ce mot est ajouté localement ou est-ce qu’il est automatiquement ajouté quelque part sur le dictionnaire en ligne (dans ce cas, certainement sans être automatiquement admit comme mot juste)?

Par ailleurs, lorsqu’on a ajouté par erreur un mot dans le dictionnaire, comment faire pour le retirer?

D’avance, merci pour votre réponse.


I wondered, when we use the online dictionary and that we add a word in the dictionary, is this word add locally or is it automatically added somewhere on the online dictionary (in this case, certainly without being automatically admitted as a correct word).

More then that, when we added a word in the dictionary by mistake, how could we remove it?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

(Daniel Naber) #2

Hi, could you explain what you mean by “online dictionary” and “add a word in the dictionary”?

(PhilippeW) #3

By using the online dictionary, I mean that I checked: “Use web service when connecting with the local server is not successful” and that I have no local server.
And by adding a word in the dictionary, I mean go over the “+” sign and then click to “add word to dictionary” when there is a word considered as a misspell.

(Daniel Naber) #4

These words get saved locally in “persdict.dat” (somewhere below ~/.mozilla/firefox) once you exit Firefox. You can edit that file and remove words when Firefox isn’t running.

(PhilippeW) #5

Thank you.
It would be great to have some editing tool where it would be possible to remove words added by mistake to improve LanguateTool. I personally don’t need it, but there are lots of users who are afraid to touch to such files or that would find it too complicated.