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A way to limit the set of languages that LT can detect


We are hosting LT as a restAPI in our work and then letting it take the text and detect the language on auto for the checking. But sometimes that languagetool detects a wrong language and then in turn shows wrong checks. Is there a way in which when initiating an instace of LT we limit the language set ?

we initiate the LT widget like this

var options = {
apiServerUrl: “https://someaddress/Languagetool/v2”,
disableOptionsPage: true,
disableFeedbackForm: true,
disablePopup: true,
enableSynonyms: false,
dictionary: [],};
ltAssistant = new LTAssistant(options);

I don’t think so, but please make sure you have fasttextModel and fasttextBinary set in your server properties. It will improve language detection. You can call java -jar languagetool-server.jar --help to get usage information for the server.