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About Chunk and Postag

In which situation we use Chunk?
In which situation we use Postag?
Up till now I have seen both having the same working. Please tell me the actual difference about them.
Many Thanks

These are complete different things. But to be honest: better start wilt plain and simple rules, only using words and regexp.
Second step would be using postags.
When having made quite a bit of rules, you could think about using chunks.

Right now I am using POSTAG but now I want to use chunks that;s why i asked about it.
Then what is the difference between them please explain?

I don’t use chunks. So I cannot help you. Which rules did you make so far, and for what language?

Chunks are documented here in the wiki.

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I read that document but I want to know the actual concept behind
When we use chunks and when we use Postag?