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About Exception

I am getting problem to understand the exception tag. Please explain me the purpose of exception tag why we use this tag and in which scenario we have to use it?

<exception postag=‘JJ[RS]?|VBN|VB|NN:UN’ postag_regexp=‘yes’/
Please explain this line what is doing?

You are asking a lot of questions for which the answers are in the wiki. What are you trying to do? Are you working on a language? If so, which?

<token><exception postag=‘JJ[RS]?|VBN|VB|NN:UN’ postag_regexp=‘yes’/></token>

will match any token, except the ones with one of these postags.

We are not able to really help you, unless you tell us what you are really trying to do.

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Yes you are right. Because I am at beginner level so that’s why i am asking these type of question I have read wiki document, some of them terms i am not understanding from that document that’s why I asked for help.
I am working on English language.
Many Thanks for explaining exception tag.

You had better start making simple word-like rules first. Testing them is not trivial, so it is wise to build some experience in that. English is very well maintained in itself, so maybe it is enough to propose enhancements on the forum.