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about the apply option for languagetool-commandline


LanguageTool is awesome, I use the apply option all the time because in general the suggestion are almost always the ones i’m looking for. However, It would be so awesome if the apply method fix the grammar and plural not only the spelling. Is there a way to accomplish this? maybe I have not read the manual correctly, if not, is it planned for the future or is it too hard to achieve or any other reason ?


Awesome app!

I don’t think there’s code that prevents the apply option from working on grammar errors. Could you provide an example? But I don’t know of plans to extend this feature until correction quality is better. Currently, the first suggestion will be selected and that might not be the right one.

for example,

tu est beau (french for you are beautiful) is replaced by Tu est beau (good for the uppercase first letter but est should be replaced by es.

without the apply option we can see that est is incorrect but there is no suggestion so I guess it’s why the apply option dont replace it with ‘es’

If you try that sentence on, you’ll see that the second error doesn’t have a suggestion at all, that’s why it cannot be replaced automatically. I don’t know the exact number, but there are several errors that don’t come with a suggestion.