Add copy to AI generated alt


Thank you for the great additions and the overall quality of this extension and service.

I would like to suggest adding the option to copy the AI-generated alternatives, since some contains better wording for a sentence or two… Maybe by making this granular (per sentence based or even word-based), I leave it up to you guys to decide which option would be more convenient to everyone.

Thanks for your feedback, but could you explain this in more detail? If you click on the AI-generated alternatives, they will be used to replace the original sentence. In which cases would it be better to copy them (“copy” as in “copy and paste”, I assume) instead?

I appreciate your consideration, Daniel.

The artificial intelligence-generated alternatives often shorten the original text (which could be undesirable), and they can also replace everything in the textarea (I’m guessing it’s a glitch). Occasionally, it is just one sentence that is interesting, and replacing the whole paragraph isn’t a good idea. Otherwise, I’ll make a short video or some screenshots to illustrate some case scenarios.

That’s a bug. Could you please let us know where this happens and which browser you use?