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Add optional gender-neutral rules based on

Hello :wave: first: thanks for building this great tool.

Today I learned about Das Genderwörterbuch. This could be a great optional addition to the existing rules, for people who want to write more gender-neutral. Is there a possibility that these suggestions are included?

Hi @rosetree! First of all, thank you for your positive feedback!

Your suggestion about the Genderwörterbuch is highly appreciated. Coincidentally, we are already aware of that site and a number of its recommendations have already inspired LT rules.

A more in-depth rule set for suggesting a more gender-neutral (and, more generally, inclusive) way of writing is in the works. It might not be ready tomorrow, so to speak, because this requires careful research. The academic and societal discourses on those topics are quite dynamic, and we need to be on top of things.

To give you a rough estimate, I’d say that come spring, a way more complete set of inclusive writing suggestions will be active.

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Thanks for your prompt response, @udomai! Glad to hear that you’re already working on such a rule set. I’m looking forward to using it.

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