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Add optionnals styles detection rule in french


I would like to propose in my app a global style checking helpers :

It would be separated from classical spellchecking and we could select the styles categories/rules to check.

I am inspired by than help writers to improve their writing.

I would like to propose similar features in my French writing platform

Interesting features could be :

What’s your point of view about it ?

Is Language Tool is adapted to these use cases ?

Do you see value in style checking ?

I will define in a few weeks my development planning for 2020 and 2021 (full time) and I can engage a lot of time to build these types of optional features.

I’m an experienced Java programmer but a newbie in NLP. So, will need to be guided sometimes.

The first thing I would like to propose is to detect the passive voice.

I see in grammar.xml files than it is already possible in English and Portuguese.

I would like to add an optional passive voice detection rule in French.

Is possible and if yes, could you guide me ?

I would be very happy to contribute more to this cool project.

Hi Maxime, you have maybe found already, which describes how to add XML and Java rules. Whether French passive voice can be detected by XML rules will need to be answered by someone who actually speaks French :slight_smile:

Ok Thanks. Perhaps @Dominique_PELLE can give me his point of view for the passive voice.

@dnaber, for the others points, what’s your point of view ?

I think as long as there’s a compromise between finding style issues but not complaining too often, these sound like interesting rules. For LT, we also try to be specific. Something like “too many glue words” would not be that helpful.

Ok thanks