Add spelling_global.txt to LT Docker


I have a LT Instance as a Docker. It works fine.
I wondering how I can add custom words to a global dictionary.
I found this one here: Improving Spell Checking |
But where should I save the spelling_global.txt or how can I add words? I downloaded LT6.3 and only found spelling.txt files and no spelling_global.txt file. → so it seems to me that I have to add a spelling_global.txt file. But where should I place it, so that it will work?

I would like to add a spelling_global.txt file to my Docker Container:
FROM openjdk:8-jre

COPY ngrams/ /languagetool/ngram-data/
COPY /languagetool/
RUN wget &&
unzip &&

WORKDIR /LanguageTool-6.2

CMD [“java”, “-cp”, “languagetool-server.jar”, “org.languagetool.server.HTTPServer”,“–languageModel”,“/languagetool/ngram-data/”,“–config”, “/languagetool/”, “–port”, “8081”, “–public”, “–allow-origin”, “‘*’”]

It’s in languagetool-core.jar and that unfortunately means you’d have to unzip that file, change the spelling_global.txt and re-zip it again.

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