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Add Uber to a language if über is one of its most frequent words? [de]/general

In the German language, ‘über’ is one of the most frequent words. Would it be wise to add ‘Uber’ to the German dictionary? Similarly, ‘Git’, close to ‘Gift’ and ‘Gibt’.
How do other language maintainers deal with this type of problem?

I think these words should not be added – at least not as long as it long-term relevance is not clear. For example, in the German grammar.xml there is a rule regarding the correct writing of the former politician Marina Weisband. I think this rule makes no sense (and made only sense for a very short period).

Good point. Feel free to delete the Weisband rule. I added it and I think you are right: It wasn’t worth the effort.

I check out the (dirty) corpus, and check if it is commonly mistaken or not.