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Add words to ignore.txt automatically

Hi All:

I am a new user of this useful tool. I know that is it possible to manually add words to ignore.txt, but is it possible to do this automatically when one is in vim? that is if languagetool is giving error for a correct word in the editor, one would write a command there and the word is appended to ignore.txt?

This can be very useful especially for people who work in fields that have a lot of technical terms.


I have not provided any mechanism to “ignore words”. But does it really make sense anyway?
It makes sense for a spelling checker, but for a grammar checker, what is highlighted depends
on the context. It is possible however to ignore errors by type. For example:


If you think this doesn’t make sense, why LT highlight those “mis-spelled” words?

I’d suppose this direction if LT can either turn off the proof-reading/work-checking mechanism completely or allow users to dynamically add their own words easily.