Added Bulgarian but should manually change files in order to work

I’ve added everything needed for including Bulgarian language.
However, when I build the whole solution, I should manually add: “languageClasses=org.languagetool.language.Bulgarian” in “languagetool-standalone\target\LanguageTool-6.0-SNAPSHOT\LanguageTool-6.0-SNAPSHOT\META-INF\org\languagetool” so that the application could work. For some reason the built does not include it.

This is how the LanguageTool - 6.0 - SNAPSHOT looks like:

It is weird because I have 2 “META_INF”. In the first one “languageClasses=org.languagetool.language.Bulgarian” is included, but it is single.

It is the second one where are all the languageClasses and my class is missing there. Is there anything I am doing wrong here?

I think it’s always META-INF, the variant with the underscore might be a typo somewhere in your code or configuration files.

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