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Adding a new language, Venetan

Hi all! I would like to add my language, if you like: Venetan (a language spoken in Italy). I will read this page and this one
I’ve already made spellcheckers for Venetan for LibreOffice and Mozilla products.
Thank you!


Welcome, Mauro Trevisan!

Nice to see you here!

“the chains that bind us grow stronger”


A question: following the steps described in I came to point 4, where it says “replace xy with the ISO 639-1 Code of your language”. Now, what if my language does not have a ISO 639-1 code but only a 639-3 code? (vec-IT)

Hi Marco! You too are here! XD How do you do?

It’s okay to use vec in that case.

Mauro, I am on holiday at last!