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Adding words to spelling.txt in a Grails project

Hey Daniel,

I am able to use the LanguageTool Java API just fine in my grails project, however the use case for the grammar checker is in a specific professional field with many words that I must add to the existing dictionary. On the Improving Spell Checking section of your website it says to add words to spelling.txt but since LanguageTool is a dependency in my project I cannot edit spelling.txt

Is there a way to programmatically edit spelling.txt through the API, or add words to the list of correct words or to the dictionary?


You can use addIgnoreTokens() to keep words from being checked. For that, you need to iterate all rules (getAllActiveRules()) to find the spelling rule first.

I would like to be able to get spelling suggestions for the words I am adding. How can I accomplish this?

I don’t think this is possible. We build a binary dictionary on-the-fly when starting LT, and it takes its words from the standard dictionary (already in Morfologik binary format) and from the plain text file. But that happens only on start-up.