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Addon for Microsoft Office improvements


I use LT from a few weeks: in web browsers, Google Docs and Microsoft Office (online only). Unfortunately, the MS Office add-on has worse quality and usability than any others. There are also bugs (try to apply two issues without manually reloading checking…). Is there any plan to improve it? Or this add-on has a low priority for LT Team? For me, LT in MS Office is the most important use case at this moment.

Hi Kam193, please report your bugs here. We’ll try to fix bugs if we can reproduce them.


Environment: Word Online, Firefox, Linux.

  1. There is a document with a few problems found by LT add-on.
  2. Let’s assume problems are e.g. spelling mistakes and applying it will change the length of the mistaken word.
  3. Apply LT solution first issue. It’s ok.
  4. Apply LT solution second issue. The solution is inserted in a wrong place (shifted +/- a few chars from original place).

(FYI: Grammarly add-on after applying a solution made a quick refresh)

Usability issue:

I’ve opened the LT error checking window, applied some solutions and made a few changes in text. Now I want to refresh LT checks. But there is no “refresh” button or auto-refresh: I need to scroll error list up, close it and then click on “check document”.

Feature proposition:

“Ignore for this document” feature (and history of ignored problems). I had a German document with a few Brazilian names and the LT forced me to correct those names. I didn’t want to add them into my personal dictionary (1. I probably use it never more. 2. I wasn’t sure that those names are totally correct ;)).


Are there any plans to make UI more similar to e.g. web browser add-on? It looks good, but UI in Word add-on is very simple and it doesn’t look good or professional.

Do you maybe have a document that can be used to reproduced that?

Sure, here you are: (8.8 KB)

To be clear, this is before applying LT fixes:

And after: