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Hi there,

I’m currently experimenting with using self-hosted non-premium LT server as the source for punctuation-related feedback. When trying out a couple of examples, I noticed that my local server did not return the same results as the public API. Specifically, there were some comma-related rules triggered only on the public API starting with “AI_HYDRA_LEO”. The API returned “isPremium”: false for the specific rule, so I assumed it should be available with the free version.

From browsing the source I learned that these are remote rules and that they are based on some machine learning approach. Is there more information on this approach somewhere? And is there a way to activate it in one’s own server?

Thank you for any hints or information.

These rules are currently being tested on, but they are not part of the Open Source version, sorry.

@dnaber Ok, thank you for the quick response!