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ANN: LanguageTool 2.3

LanguageTool 2.3 has just been released. Changes include:

Many <a href="">updates for the error detection rules</a> for English, French, Catalan, Ukrainian, Portuguese, German, and Breton.
LanguageTool requires Java 7 now
Use of multiple threads for text checking on modern hardware, improving performance
Rule syntax improvements
English now has a chunker to detect singular and plural noun chunks
The standalone version now underlines errors with a red or blue line
Java API cleanups and improved thread-safety
Other small bug fixes
See the <a href="">Change Log</a> for a complete list of changes

We’re still working on providing the artifacts on Maven Central.

Unfortunately, there seem to be a fatal error on version 2.3, which appears during loading the extension. There is a popup coming up, showing tons of errors. After that, the language tool menue appears in both applications, OpenOffice and LibreOffice, but is not working properly. The extension also does not appear in the extension list to de-install. I have taken a snapshot of the error dialog for reference that comes up after I tried to install your new extension version.
Please look here:

I am running LibreOffice/Openoffice with the latest versions on a MAC, Java 7, version 40.

Hope you can find and fix this issue.


LT requires Java 7 now. Please make sure it is installed and this
version is selected in LibreOffice/OpenOffice under Tools -> Options ->

I have the same problem and the same configuration as Thomas.
Mac, Java 7 installed and activated, but does not work.

Apparently there is a problem with Java 7 and LibO on Mac. See:
For the moment, you can download older versions of LanguageTool from the download section.