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ANN: LanguageTool 4.5

I’m pleased to announce the release of LanguageTool 4.5. As usual, it is available from Changes include:

  • Error detection updates for Catalan, Dutch, English, Galician, German, German (Leichte Sprache), Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian
  • Small bug fixes
  • Some extensions to the rule syntax in grammar.xml

A more detailed list of changes is available in the change log.

In LibreOffice, you can use Tools -> Extension Manager... and then right-click on LanguageTool to get the update if you have a previous version installed already.

SHA256 check sums:

  • dd925ca1b716c3612ffb81e94dba499423c0e0a99da32cbd02da969a72732ec8 LanguageTool-4.5.oxt
  • 61e239148309580d02f1729c3b5a7da61eaa2cf36898a5be6daaac95263f1af9