ANN: LanguageTool 6.3

Hi, LanguageTool 6.3 has been released and can now be downloaded here. It includes rule updates for Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Checksums (sha256):

bf1d251d38b3efbcdc742ba4bbabb234151d9b59bb98bdcf4cd512115db604e7  LanguageTool-6.3.oxt

Please note: Due to the overhead a release creates, we’ll switch from a 3-month to a 6-month release cycle, starting with the next release (6.4). You can find the roadmap at Release Roadmap | If you need a recent version of LT, you can always get the latest snapshot at

Thank you, Daniel! Will there be an update to the artifacts in maven repo?
I have some NLP tools for Ukrainian that rely on LT artifacts. Technically, I only need languagetool-core and language-uk but I am not sure if it makes sense to release just these two.
Or (if it’s easier) if we could generate some regular snapshot artifacts (say monthly) that could help too.

The artifacts are already at Maven Central: Maven Central: org.languagetool

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6.3.1 (only as .oxt) is now available here.

Checksums (sha256):

376428ec1c5924bb30a9bd2f7a872594e88e978480342551dadd29f2241333a6  LanguageTool-6.3.1.oxt

What is the purpose of the 6.3a release?

fix for the issue discussed at Self-hosted LanguageTool server and Chrome add-on

ah ok … I was hoping that it addresses some memory issues I am seeing after updating to 6.3, where I quickly crash due to being out of heap memory. Is it expected for 6.3 to use more memory?

As the number of rules grows, LT tends to use more memory. We also don’t optimize for memory usage.