ANN: LanguageTool 6.4

Hi, LanguageTool 6.4 has been released and can now be downloaded here. It includes error detection rule updates for Asturian, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Checksums (sha256):

0f1f39ff2438d322f15962f1d30a5c293bb121a7f709c7bbdc1099636b91625e  LanguageTool-6.4.oxt

Please note: The LibreOffice/OpenOffice add-on is now available here.

Has anyone found any bugs in the LibreOffice extension?

For testing, I recommend the following procedure if the LibreOffice internal LanguageTool access via server was previously installed:

  1. Uninstall the old LibreOffice extension (if any) → restart LibreOffice.
  2. Disable internal LanguageTool access via server → restart LibreOffice.
  3. Install the extension → restart LibreOffice.

The extension should then work without errors.

I’ve now renamed the LibreOffice add-on from beta to LanguageTool-6.4.oxt (it’s still the same file). @Fred.Kruse Please remind me in a few days to update the XML files that activates updating from within the LO extension manager (assuming no issues show up).

I’ve just updated to oxt 6.4. One problem I found is hierarchical styles:
I have a style “base_uk” (lang: uk) and child style “base_none” (lang: none).
With ‘Automatic spell checking’ on I can see the wrong word is ignored properly. But when I press F7 the LT dialog suggests it’s a spelling error:

When will be LT 6.4 published on mavencentral?

Seems I made a mistake in the release process. But it should be available soon (i.e. in a few hours).

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This is a problem in the check dialog in LT 6.4. The language is set for the entire paragraph. For 6.5, the word-by-word consideration of the language is an improvement that I will include in my planning.

The problem should be solved. Please test the snapshot tomorrow.