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Announcement: LanguageTool 5.8

Hi, LanguageTool 5.8 has been released and can now be downloaded from here:

It includes rule updates for Catalan, English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Checksums (sha256):

ffac273d5b6222e4925b7966c791eae3e91af002a8b6a83b14bf48489096a1f6  LanguageTool-5.7.oxt

It is not yet available through the LibreOffice/OpenOffice extension manager because I’d like to wait for feedback from people who install it manually.


I remember one of the features you worked on was better detection for names to not mark them as a typo. did this get added to the open source version or the paid version only?

I just updated my stand-alone versions. Works like a charm. Thanks!

Kind Regards

Quick question, since a whole month has passed since the initial post: Are there specific (technical) reasons why the LibreOffice extension LanguageTool 5.8 is not yet available in the LibreOffice Extension Center?

Yes, the site is very unstable when it comes to uploading large extensions like LT. I don’t remember, but I have probably just given up when it didn’t work a few times.

Thank you very much for your answer, Daniel. It is of course a pity and annoying at the same time that the LibreOffice Extension Center is still struggling with technical problems. Wouldn’t it therefore be an idea worth considering to (also) offer the extension for download directly via the LanguageTool website?

The latest version is always available here: I’ll see whether we should link that directly.

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