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Announcing LanguageTool Plus

I’m happy to announce LanguageTool Plus, a premium version of LanguageTool. For now, its focus is on German, for which it offers improved error detection. Check out the pricing table at to see what exactly it can do today - it’s constantly being extended. LanguageTool Plus is not available for download, it’s a hosted service. Its API is compatible to LanguageTool and you will soon be able to use the existing browser add-ons with LanguageTool Plus.

Consider buying a LT Plus subscription, you’ll get premium features and it also helps to move LT forward. For example, LT Plus currently helps to improve the browser add-on, which will have a new release soon. LanguageTool ( will of course continue to be developed, hopefully even faster than before.

I’m not sure if you’d like feedback about the product here, but here it is:

  • The bubble “eine Frage stellen” is at the bottom centre of the screen (at least with Firefox) and does obscure other page elements
  • If a premium user chooses to ignore the spell checking, the word should be saved to an ignore list in his/her account. The ignore list should be accessible and editable (similar to the browser plug-in).
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Thanks, both are on my TODO list…