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Annoying issue with chrome

Is there a way to disable the languagetool bubble that pops up on screen we’re running into a issue where employees are having this stay on screen and the only way to get it to go away is to press F5 to refresh the page. This work around is causing issues because the employees are taking live calls in a call center. We like how languagetool works other than this problem. If it helps this is specifically happening on PCs running Xubuntu Linux 20.4 (and on Xubuntu 18.04) using chrome and the languagetool plugin. We use a managed chrome policy to install the plugin.

Thanks for reporting this issue, but I must admit I haven’t fully understood it yet. Could you send a screenshot? Or is the system you use available for testing?

languagetool stuck bubble overlay

this is for an internal company website. the only way to get this to go away is to press F5 and with the employees taking live calls they have to take the call enter information for the customer record then complete post call wrap-up and as soon as they do this sometimes it hits them with another call before they can press F5. Anyway to suppress this behavior? We want them to be able to see if they have a grammar or spelling issue, but we don’t want this overlay hindering them from being able to work.

As you can see in the last field, the icon shrinks as soon as there’s text which would be hidden by the icon. In the other fields, there’s no text, so the icon doesn’t disappear. Is there anything else hidden by the LanguageTool icons?

I haven’t had any other reports for anything other than the issue I sent the screenshot for. If I get any other reports, and it’s for a slightly different issue I’ll grab a screenshot and send it to you. I believe if we can fix this issue though by being able to toggle that display off in the settings it would take care of the problem. It’s hard to reproduce this issue on demand, which has hindered my ability to determine exactly what conditions cause it to happen. I use LanguageTool on my Linux Mint laptop in Chrome, and I’ve never had the issue happen to me.