Aoo 3.4.1 & LT 2.0 - Could not create Java implementation loader

I decided to switch from Ooo 3.3 to Aoo 3.4.1 and discovered about LanguageTool extension, but unfortunatelly have “Could not create Java implementation loader” then I’m trying to add this externsion to Aoo 3.4.1. All tips I found around the web are not helping. I had jre6 then I started, updated it to jre7 but still no improvement, and now I have both jre6 & 7 in my system but still ge tthis error with this plug-in only.
Software used:
Aoo 3.4.1m1 (Build:9593) Russian language
Win XP SP3 x32 Russian language
Orcale JRE and Sun JRE

I have perfomed folowing task without any improvement:
fully removing Aoo and re-installing it for multi-user/single user
Fully removing all Java including registy clean-up as described here: 50371 – CONFIGURATION: JRE 7.x incompatibility not resolved
Installing LT 2.0 for single user/multi-user
Instaling Java 6

Why do you have installed Orcale JRE and Sun JRE both? I´d uninstall “Sun JRE” first.

If there is already an item “LanguageTool” under “Extras” and “Extension Manager” uninstall it. If there is no item “LanguageTool”, or you have already uninstalled it, then try to install “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable” from (select Russian). Often this practice will clear this problem.

It could be required that you must reboot your PC then. After the reboot LanguageTool should be installed and ready to work.

Thanks for reply! C++ instalation have fixed that problem. I installed JRE6 just in case it new 7th version of Java causing the problem. I’ll remove it right away.

Thanks for the feedback! I´m glad I could help!