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API request for /words/add and /words/delete


I’m using the Language Tool Chrome Extension with my own server. Could you tell me what action on the extension sends an API request to /words/add and /words/delete?

When I click on “add to personal dictionary” for a misspelt word, the word gets stored in the browser’s cache (presumably), but I would like to update my server’s dictionary when such a word is added. Not a premium user BTW.

I’d appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

These API requests are used when you add or remove a word from your dictionary and you’re logged in with the add-on. So, this won’t work with a local server.

It’s actually a public server (hosted on AWS).

Would it work if I was logged in? If so, would the API request be sent when I add/delete words under the personal dictionary tab in the LT extension settings?

Right now, I’m still able to add/delete words to/from my personal dictionary, but I don’t see a request being sent when I inspect the page. How does this work exactly when a user hasn’t logged in?

It would work if you were logged in, but the Open Source server doesn’t come with the database setup needed to check your username or store words.

The dictionary is stored locally when you’re not logged in.

So is there any way to send an API request to /words/add and /words/delete on my server from the extension? There won’t be a username check over there and I would just require the word from the form data being sent. All additions and deletions would be made on my server only.

Sorry, I don’t think there is. The add-on has hard-coded logic to not sync the words when you’re not logged in, and you cannot be logged in when using your own server.

Oh okay, that clarifies everything.

Thanks a lot for your help!