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[ar] Add Arabic language support

@Sohaib_Afifi @karima
We release a first commit of Arabic language module for LT,
The Git repository for arabic is github`,
I posted a pull request to LT project,

I finished the arabic translation

I think, we should add a new message to translate, the text to mention arabic language

where ? which file

on languagetool-core/src/main/resources/org/languagetool/ you mean ?


AR is Arabic language support??)))
AR is an SDK is the heart that powers the augmented reality software and it is also sometimes called an AR engine. It is focused on helping developers solve a bunch of tasks when combining objects from the real world with digital ones. Generally, the functionality of a mobile app depends on the capabilities of a chosen AR SDK.

That’s acronym confusion. (EG: LSD is either a drug, a Chicago freeway (Lake Shore Drive), LongShore Drift, Limited-Slip Differential or an alternate spelling of £sd (a mostly outdated monetary system), depending on context)