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Asturian, and Asturleonese

I’ve noticed that Asturian is available as a language on LanguageTool. I realise it’s somewhat difficult to know what is a language and what is a dialect when it comes to Iberia due to politics and lack of standardisation, but considering that Asturian is often considered a dialect group of one “Asturleonese” language, and the still quite close similarity between Leonese and Asturian, should Asturian be considered a dialect on LanguageTool?

Few words. I’m Galician speaker. Galician is also a iberian language and I can understand the misunderstanding for people not familiar with the historical sociolinguistical situation. Asturian is the name today. Asturleonese would be a accurate name from a romanistic, historical point of view, so as Galegoportuguese would be for Galician. But today, Galician has their ortographical and morphological rules, linguistical authorities, literature and a social normative, and it is different from these for actual Portuguese.
Indeed, Spanish and Portuguese are both historical dialects from latin vulgar.
Same as for Asturian and Leonese.

I don’t think the situation is the same as with portuguese and galician, but more similar to that of Valencian and Catalan. Austurian and Leonese are more often considered the same language, and, as far as I am aware, what we call Leonese is of the same dialect as the western Asturian dialect.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to know exactly without someone who speaks one of the languages, since there is no governmental regulating authority on Leonese. (The university of León acts as the regulating authority as far as I am aware)