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Avoid spell check on certain HTML inputs manually

Sometimes I would like to avoid LanguageTool to work on certain inputs. Is there a way to flag html inputs with an attribute so language tool ignores them?

Usually, spellcheck="false" should do just that.

You’re right. Strange, though, I had an instance where LT was active while spellcheck was set to false. Might have been a typo, I’ll keep an eye on it and report back.

It looks like spellcheck=false does not disable LT on this page:
There’s inner frame for TinyMCE with spellcheck=“false” on body but LT gets activated there.

We force support for TinyMCE inputs. Probably it’s worth adding a custom attribute like ‘data-lt=“false”’. I will take care.

Thanks, I’ll add ‘data-lt=“false”’ to my page then.

Please note: It will take ~2 weeks until we have rolled out the update

Sure, I understand, thanks

Hi @arysin,

quick update: It’s rolled out. Elements with data-lt=false are now ignored. However we will introduce a change to this: We will rename the attribute from “data-lt” to “data-lt-active”. So if you want to disable LanguageTool, you should set both attributes for now and in the future you will only need “data-lt-active=false”.

I’m sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Many thanks!