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Basic: Cannot find JAR file to inlcude?

(Jacob) #1

I’ve downloaded the languagetool-master folder to try and use it with a java program in Netbeans. However, i cannot seem to find the JAR file to include in my libraries for the project. Am I missing something obvious or do I have to put the JAR together myself? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


(Daniel Naber) #2

Quoting the documentation from:

If you don’t use Maven (or a similar system), download the stand-alone ZIP instead. You will need the JAR files in the libs directory and everything in the org directory in your classpath.

However, I use of Maven (or Gradle) is strongly recommended and also documented on that page.

(Jacob) #3

Yeah I was looking at that and I couldn’t find any JAR files. Perhaps I’ll just give Maven a shot, if it is easier to work with and has more documentation.