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[BE] Rule suggestion for Belarusian

In Belarusian, a collocation of “па факце” is used in the sense of “according to (actual) fact; actually; in reality”. Sometimes, a wrong “па факту” can be seen instead, due to influence of Russian, where “по факту” is valid.

I have created a simple rule as follows:

<rule default="on" id="pa_fakcie" name="Словазлучэньне: «па факце»">
                    <token inflected="no">па</token>
                    <token inflected="no">факту</token>
            <message>Тут імаверна патрабуецца месны склон: <suggestion><match no="1" regexp_match="([пП])а" regexp_replace="$1а" /> факце</suggestion></message>
            <short>«Па факце», а не «па факту»</short>
            <example>Прыпыніць расьсьледаваньне па факце сьмерці пратэстоўца.</example>
            <example correction="па факце">А <marker>па факту</marker> атрымалася, што сіл няма.</example>

The rule works (tested in the standalone version, snapshot of 26 April), and I suggest including it into the Belarusian rule set.

A full grammar.xml is uploaded here (I can’t see a way to attach a file to the post):

[be] new rule from… · languagetool-org/languagetool@498f97f · GitHub

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