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Behaviour of online tool

I have one suggestion for the behaviour of the online LanguageTool. I use the tool for German and English text. Sometimes I paste the text and then recognize I have the wrong language selected. When I now change the language, my text is overwritten by the example text. I think it would be more user-friendly if I could change the language without the text being deleted.

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I agree. I think a nice solution would be to automatically detect that text in another language has been pasted and offer switching to that with a single click. There’s now an issue for this at

Thanks for this kind of bug reports, they are unfortunately rare.


This is my first message as a registered user, although I already use LT for English text correction, and I’m not sure if this is the topic to forward my suggestion.

To facilitate the editing of the texts, I request the placement of the feature: delete text [x], in the upper and lower corner of the editing screen.

Thank you.

I agree. BTW, it’s already implemented at (the trashcan icon).

Ok, I was using the old version.

Other suggestions:

  • put the [copy & paste] feature with an icon on the edit screen;

  • increase the area of the [edit field].

thank you!

minor suggestion: allow the user to set a specific language as the default. (On my own system I have to set the online tool from Dutch back to English after every browser restart)



icon feature [copy] and [paste]

thank you.