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Best practices for newcomers

Sorry in advance for my basic questions. I was able to successfully run the language tool server without passing any extra parameters to the server. To my understanding, this will apply the default rules and categories to my specified language in the query (for example en-US).

  1. Is my assumption correct? Does it apply all the rules for the specified language?
  2. Can I somehow sort the replacements recommended by language tool to users? Is there a way I can make the list shorter? (for some words it gives you more than 100 suggestions).
  3. Do you have any recommendations on how to use the server in the wild? I am currently deployed it on Heroku and running it with the default parameters. I saw it is recommended to increase the memory size depending on the server load. Is there anything else that I should consider?

Thank you for the great tool.

All rules that are not turned off by default will be active. The exception is the ngram rule.

We try to keep the list sorted with best matches first, so you can ignore all matches after some threshold.

We run it behind a reverse proxy or a load balancer. And adding more memory (-Xmx3300M) is a good idea.