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Better personal dictionary handling for google chrome

(Xavier Arias) #1


I’ve been using language tool extensively on google chrome in the last weeks since I discovered it.
I’m using it specially to write emails on work, so the name of my company appears several times a day and I’d like to be able to tell the corrector that’s a name and how it’s pronounced (so grammar rules can be correctly applied).

I’m aware there’s the personal dictionary, but I’m interested on adding more semantics to the words I add into it.

Any clue on how to handle this? Should I install the desktop version and edit the dictionaries manually?


(Daniel Naber) #2

LanguageTool contains a file en/added.txt where you can add grammar information manually. But doing so won’t improve error detection much. It sounds like you might want to write your own rules to detect errors? That process is documented here: Let us know if you have questions about it.