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[br_FR] (breton) some rules to add & change

(Novram) #21

I have heard more than once that the first sentence that appear when we open the LT web interfac isn’t correct because a preposition is missing in it.
So, the sentence is:
“Lakait amañ ho testenn vrezhonek da vezañ gwiriet. Pe implijit an frazenn-mañ gant meur a fazioù yezhadurel”, and it should be:
“Lakait amañ ho testenn vrezhonek da vezañ gwiriet. Pe implijit an frazenn-mañ gant meur a fazioù yezhadurel enni”.
All the best :wink:

(Dominique PELLÉ) #22

Thanks for reporting those. I addressed both of them in:



(Novram) #23

Recently the correction rule “meur a” no longer offers correction. But he’s just proposing a “replace with” on the web interface and in LO (LibreOffice) it is not proposing any suggestions anymore.
As you can see on the web interface:
Meur a in LT web interface
And here in LO interface:
Meur a in libreoffice
Do you have any idea why?

(Dominique PELLÉ) #24

Hi. This rule has never proposed a correction.
So it’s not a recent regression at least.

We could consider adding corrections there, but to be able to do
that we need to add a synthesizer to the Breton version of LT
(so we can suggest the singular form of a plural word, among other

Some languages have such a synthesizer. I did it for French a long
time ago ago for example. I don’t recall how this is done but I can
investigate it when I find time.

(Dominique PELLÉ) #25

Sorry, I took a long time to respond, but I’ve finally update the Breton spelling checker to An Drouizig 0.15 in:

(Novram) #26

I was thinking about it, maybe it could be put the link of this discussion in the Breton interface of LT?
Saying that a discussion has been opened about Breton and LanguageTool, what do you think?
The text could be: “digoret ez eus bet ur gaozedenn er forom, tro-dro d’ar brezhoneg ha LanguageTool, diwallit eta e saozneg e vez dalc’het. Setu al liamm evit mont e-barzh. Digorit ur gaozeadenn nevez er forom mod-all. Ma fellfe deoc’h kaout respontoù d’ho koulennoù ez eo aliet skrivañ e saozneg.”.
(A discussion has been opened in the forum, about Breton and LanguageTool, caution this discussion is in English. Here is the link to go in it. You can also open a new discussion into the forom. If you want to have answers to your questions please write in English preferably.)

(Novram) #27

There is a little mistake on this page:
Ar fazioù-mañ a zo un darn eus ar re a "chall" LanguageTool diguzhat*. --> “Ar fazioù da-heul a zo un darn eus ar re a “c’hall” diguzhat LanguageTool.”
A galon

(Dominique PELLÉ) #28

Right. Thanks. I think it should be fine now. Can you check in transifex below?

(Novram) #29

You will find a list of all the formulation (that I could find) with the conjunction “ma”, below.
Perhaps it will help you @Dominique_PELLE for a better rule for the mutations after this conjunction.
All the “ma” marked with * could be or a possessive and then make some different mutations as you know.
This list is now available on:

(Novram) #30

Hello folks, how are you,
There is a new version of Hunspell-br: