British English does not work properly

I’m wondering if anyone knows my problem. I’m currently comparing the American and British corrections. It seems that the British version detects significantly fewer errors. These include absolute basics such as the word “exciting” in the sentence “It was very exiting.” Language tool does not recognize the missing “c” here. This is just one example of many. I would be grateful for feedback.

As “exiting” is a valid word on its own, this is not a question of the British vs. American dictionary. For me, the error in “It was very exiting.” gets detected with both en-US and en-GB. How exactly did you test this (via the add-on, the website, …)?

Thanks for the reply! You are right, I haven’t thought about exiting as the participle form of “to exit”. However, I am going to post two screenshots with random sentences from my corrections to highlight the differences. I usually use the website. I would be happy about another feedback regarding the differences in the screenshot. Thanks!

Ah, I see - there are indeed some rules not active for en-GB for technical reasons. We’re working on a solution, but I cannot make any promises about when this will be resolved.

Thank you very much, I’ll work with the American version in the meantime.