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Broken link in the 'chunks' tutorial

I have been using Google to search the site and studying assiduously. I found this tutorial to be very interesting, and think it could be exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately this link to the full list of chunk tags is broken.


Thanks - I have removed the link, as actually only noun phrases and verb phrases are supported by LT. If you need more, let us know.

There are “B-ADVP”, “B-ADJP” and “B-PP” which I interpreted as “adverbial phrase”, adjectival phrase" and “pronoun phrase”. I also noticed “B-SBAR” of which I am clueless.

Now that you mention it though, I haven’t noticed “E” or “I” for these chunks. After using the “E-NP” chunk successfully a couple of times, when I tried to use “B-ADVP”, I got an error message, which I put down to me using it wrong?

Certainly, I would find the adjective and adverbial phrase chunks immediately useful and probably the pronoun phrase chunk also.