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Browser add-on - all rules activated by default


Last week or so I installed the Firefox add-on on mum’s laptop.

I had to activate (turn on) all rules, one by one, which seems a difficult task for newbies.

I am sure mum wouldn’t be able to do it herself.

Could the browser add-on automatically have the Portuguese rules activated (I am not sure about other languages since mum only writes in Portuguese)?


The add-on comes with all rules activated, unless they are default=off (or its category is default=off). If that’s not the case for you, could you send a screenshot of the situation where a rule needs to be activated?

Ohhhh… it is strange… here is what I see in mine, but I have my software in English.

Also, I didn’t notice the “Enable All” when I installed in mum’s laptop. Is it recent?


I think the “Enable all” button has been there for a long time. But why activate these rules in the first place? There’s usually a good reason they are not activated by default. If there are rules which are not activated by default but should be, we should discuss this.

It’s okay. I just thought that rules such as the checking of period at the end of sentences and such should be on by default, since they are useful while writing on Facebook and alike.

But it is okay since I now noticed the “Enable all” button.