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Browser add-on stops suggestions after N errors without notifying


When I select the full text of a webpage, and then right-click and in the pop-up menu click on “Check spelling and grammar…”, if the page has a certain number of writing issues, when we scroll to a certain position, it no longer flags the words.

I would like to suggest an improvement for that so that users know that after a certain position in the page, it is no longer reporting the errors.

I cannot reproduce this, on which page did that happen?


Using the Firefox add-on, go to:

Press CTR + A to select the whole text.

Now, right-click and in the pop-up menu and select to check the grammar.

It will spot 90 errors, and if you scroll down to the page you will notice that at the bottom no errors are reported.

I still cannot reproduce… it finds 80 errors here (using en-US), and the last one is at the very bottom:

Can you send a screenshot?

I can show a video of it using en_GB:


After the part “known issues in Linux” it doesn’t show any more errors.

Have you turned off rules? If so, which ones?


No rules are disabled according to the settings of the add-on:

Okay, I will create an issue for this so the developers can have a closer look.

One last idea: if you click “Nov” (in “Last update: 27.Nov.2019”) in the very last line, does a popup open? In other words, are the errors actually there, but the underline is just invisible?


Well spotted!

It does suggest to add a space in the month, so, just the underlining is invisible.

Hi Marco, does this issue still occur? Our developer thinks it’s fixed in the current version of our add-on.

Hello Daniel,

I will test it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Yes, Daniel, it seems to be fixed.