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Browser addon: Disable checking all text fields by default

After installing LanguageTool Firefox add-on, it starts checking all text fields on all sites! This create a lot of waste load for LanguageTool servers, because most fields there are no need to check for users!

And many users will warn about security issues, when see that all texts that they typed in all sites, will sent to LanguageTool servers!

At now there are exists hidden setting “Auto-check on all domains by default” in “Experimental settings (only for advanced users)” section, but it is too hard to find for regular users!

So will be good to turn off automatic checking of all fields on all sites by default, and check only user selected fields by additional action (click on “check” icon in field, or extension icon in top bar). And leave option to auto-check all text fields in settings, for only users that need it.

What do you think about this idea?